Rack Supported Platform

Rack Supported Platform Floors will give you additional empty floor area above shelving or racking below. Rack Supported Platform Floors are constructed from standard Pallet Racking or Longspan Shelving components.

People always misidentify between Rack Supported Platform and Multi-tier Shelving (Cat-Walk). Rack Supported is an empty space made above the racking, and is supported by racking system below while Multi-tier or Catwalk is a homogenous rack from first level to second level.

You also have the option of putting mesh fencing on this area so that it can be easily enclosed, to create a lockable storage compound. Rack supported mezzanine floors can be surfaced Metal planks or Grating as Plywood is not advisable for fire safety reason.

Access to mezzanine platform is via a steel staircase.
Rack & Save Rack Supported Platform Floors are designed to utilize new or existing pallet racking, or Longspan shelving for handpick Items, providing a way to optimise your storage, at a much more affordable price. We have a complete fabrication shop and are able to custom to build to your specific requirements.

Dimensions of Rack Supported Platform

Sizes vary according to client requirements

FEATURES of Rack Supported Platform

- Adjustable Shelve and Flooring - Floor Load: up to 250kg - Shelve Load up to 1 Ton - Customisable Beam & Endframe - Modular Design - Height adjustable up to 9m

Advantages of Rack Supported Platform

  • Economical Solutions
  • Efficient for handpick Items
  • High-density Storage
  • Custom-engineered to your needs
  • Stock rotation – friendly
  • Fire protection system, electrical fittings can be integrated
  • Easy access to all products – 100% selectivity
  • Optimise use of space (area and height)
  • More cost-efficient than conventional steel floors
Rack Supported Platform Rack Supported Platform Rack Supported Platform Rack Supported Platform

► Mezzanine

If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to your storage problems, you should definitely choose to have a mezzanine. Our Mezzanine is very easy in adding storage space which can keep your current warehouse or distribution center longer for years. Rack & Save mezzanine is an intermediate floor in a building which is open to the floor below. Our mezzanine does not count as one of the floors in a building, and generally does not count in determining maximum floor space. Rack & Save Mezzanine may serve a wide variety of functions. Industrial mezzanine, such as those used in warehouse, may be temporary or semi-permanent structures.

Superblock Mezzanine

  • Optimise warehouse space
  • Custom-made, manufactured from detailed drawings and tailored to your needs
  • Additional of single multi-layered mezzanine floor can accommodate conveyor systems, while other floors can be used to store, manage and dispatch products
  • Mobility for bulky storage
  • Super Efficient installation and dismantling
  • Cost effective for lease unit   
  • Having office below the structure is approved by authorities
  • With Gross Floor Area (GFA) exemption
Superblock Mezzanine

Multi-Tier Shelving

  • Optimise use of warehouse height
  • Able to accommodate a range of shelving systems
  • Economical use of floor space
  • Access to all references from aisles
Multi-Tier Shelving

Heavy Duty Mezzanine

  • Optimise storage and floor space
  • Cost and time effective in moving premise
  • Can be constructed over large machinery and other obstacles
  • Create extra work and storage space
  • Add/match existing mezzanine floor levels
Heavy Duty Mezzanine
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