Multi-Tier Shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving maximize the use of the available space inside tall warehouses. This is because it utilises this space that under normal circumstances can’t used. Multi-tier shelving systems can increase the amount of storage capacity.

Before thinking about moving out of current premises, you can consider using multi-tier IA Racking Solutions.

Dimensions of Multi-Tier Shelving


up to 15,000mm

The overall size is often determined or limited by the warehouse building itself.
Loading Capacity:

400kg - 1ton

FEATURES of Multi-Tier Shelving

- High sustaining-capacity of individual components for optimal storag - Fire sprinkler and lighting systems easily incorporated - Stairs, handrails and pallet gate accessories complement the system

Advantages of Multi-Tier Shelving

  • Optimise use of warehouse height
  • Able to accommodate a range of shelving systems
  • Economical use of floor space
  • Access to all references from aisles
Multi-Tier Shelving Multi-Tier Shelving Multi-Tier Shelving Multi-Tier Shelving

► Mezzanine

If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to your storage problems, you should definitely choose to have a mezzanine. Our Mezzanine is very easy in adding storage space which can keep your current warehouse or distribution center longer for years. Rack & Save mezzanine is an intermediate floor in a building which is open to the floor below. Our mezzanine does not count as one of the floors in a building, and generally does not count in determining maximum floor space. Rack & Save Mezzanine may serve a wide variety of functions. Industrial mezzanine, such as those used in warehouse, may be temporary or semi-permanent structures.

Superblock Mezzanine

  • Optimise warehouse space
  • Custom-made, manufactured from detailed drawings and tailored to your needs
  • Additional of single multi-layered mezzanine floor can accommodate conveyor systems, while other floors can be used to store, manage and dispatch products
  • Mobility for bulky storage
  • Super Efficient installation and dismantling
  • Cost effective for lease unit   
  • Having office below the structure is approved by authorities
  • With Gross Floor Area (GFA) exemption
Superblock Mezzanine

Rack Supported Platform

  • Economical Solutions
  • Efficient for handpick Items
  • High-density Storage
  • Custom-engineered to your needs
  • Stock rotation – friendly
  • Fire protection system, electrical fittings can be integrated
  • Easy access to all products – 100% selectivity
  • Optimise use of space (area and height)
Rack Supported Platform

Heavy Duty Mezzanine

  • Optimise storage and floor space
  • Cost and time effective in moving premise
  • Can be constructed over large machinery and other obstacles
  • Create extra work and storage space
  • Add/match existing mezzanine floor levels
Heavy Duty Mezzanine
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