Palletainer are often used in the factory and cold storage areas to carry materials or products.

Dimensions of Palletainer

sizes and outer powder-coating colour can be as customers' requirements

FEATURES of Palletainer

finish treatment: Powder coated - Structure: Foldable and heaping making your storage and transportation work effective

Advantages of Palletainer

  • easy control the free space of the warehouse
  • Easy to clean offering high sanitation
  • Free of bugs and other pests
  • They do not splinter
  • Weather resistant and they do not rot or decay
  • Very durable
Palletainer Palletainer

► Other Storage Solutions

Other Storage Solutions comes with all sorts of configurations.

Cantilever Rack

  • Efficient for lengthy, bulky, and awkward sized
  • Easy storage and retrieval
  • Fast and easy product inventory
Cantilever Rack
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