Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack system has no vertical obstruction and are designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion. It is an ideal solution for storing long items such as tubes, bars, structural steel or timber. Arms and columns are designed according to load size and weight. It is available for both single sided or double sided configurations with fixed or removable arms.

Dimensions of Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack dimensions are customizable according to client needs.

FEATURES of Cantilever Rack

- Adjustable Arm - Can be extended and expand as required - Powder coat or galvanized finish

Advantages of Cantilever Rack

  • Efficient for lengthy, bulky, and awkward sized
  • Easy storage and retrieval
  • Fast and easy product inventory
Cantilever Rack Cantilever Rack Cantilever Rack

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Other Storage Solutions comes with all sorts of configurations.


  • easy control the free space of the warehouse
  • Easy to clean offering high sanitation
  • Free of bugs and other pests
  • They do not splinter
  • Weather resistant and they do not rot or decay
  • Very durable
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