Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions is best requested by Singapore clients in solving all types of storage issues for office, home, store, warehouse and production space which can be quickly and easily created by using IA Racking Solutions unique design and build approach. Ideally office and production should put below the mezzanine and on top will be storage.

If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective solution to your storage problems, you should definitely choose to have a mezzanine. Our Mezzanine is very easy in adding storage space which can keep your current warehouse or distribution center longer for years.

Rack & Save mezzanine is an intermediate floor in a building which is open to the floor below. Our mezzanine does not count as one of the floors in a building, and generally does not count in determining maximum floor space.

IA Racking Mezzanine Solutions - Project T-space Level 6 Singapore

Project T-space Level 6, Our client is doing Oil and Gas Consulting He ask Rack & Save PTE LTD Mezzanine Solutions to help him plan on how to maximize his space.

Base on his requirements we recommend to do the superblock mezzanine system as he need to double up the space for storage. Mr. Tan is very happy with outcome of the project and even told us that he will recommend to his friends as he like our service as well as our professionalism on helping him to plan his Warehouse Space.

Rack & Save Mezzanine may serve a wide variety of functions. Industrial mezzanine, such as those used in warehouse, may be temporary or semi-permanent structures.

We have been fitting out industrial, business and office spaces since 2008 so we have the expertise and experience to provide all types of Mezzanine Solutions within a broad range of applications such as:

  • - 1st Level is palletized good, 2nd level above mezzanine are boltless Shelf
  • - 1st & 2nd Levels are Boltless Shelving for hand pick items
  • - 1st Level is Office and second level is storage
  • - 1st Level is grocery store and 2nd level is storage
  • - 1st Level is production and office and second level is palletized goods
  • - 1st level is Car detailing shop and 2nd level is storage
  • - 1st level is production and 2nd level is furniture storage
  • - 1st level is showroom and 2nd level is Storage.
  • - 1st & 2nd level is open space storage for different SKU’s

Functions of Mezzanine Solutions Heavy Mezzanine Floor

Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions heavy mezzanine floor is a quick, economic and relatively easy way to create additional floor space within your existing building for storage use. The structure is professionally designed and normally prefabricated before being delivered to site as a kit of parts for rapid installation. We are helping you maximized the space below the mezzanine can be used for a wide-range of functions, such as offices, storage, work space, manufacturing space, clean rooms, etc. The experienced designers and installers of Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions will provide friendly, professional advice and offer to manage the entire installation for you.

Heights of IA Racking Mezzanine Solutions

Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions floor heights are easily accommodated in buildings with a clear height of 5m or more, however it is possible to fit our flooring into buildings with heights of as little as 4.6m, with wide span grids of up to 12m, but it is always best to give IARS a call to discuss your specific requirements. Blending into the original structure, our floors are virtually indistinguishable and all on site services needed to ensure the functioning of the new area (such as cabling and electricity), can be easily installed during the construction.

Depending on the headroom available, IARS can install multi-tier mezzanine flooring that take full advantage of the cubic space available.

Planning Permission of Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions

Although in most cases Planning Permission is required, Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions will deal with any local authority building regulations and ensure the installation meets requirements such BCA Submission, SCDF and MCST permit to work application.

Costs of Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions

Rack & Save Mezzanine Solutions have been designing mezzanine flooring since 2008, and we are confident that we can find our clients find more space, quickly with minimal disruption for a competitive price.

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